Shrieval Candidates’ Addresses to the City

Ahead of the election of the Sheriffs on Monday 24th June, the two Shrieval Candidates have written addresses to the members of the Livery of the City of London. The two addresses are copied below:

Candidature of Alderman Gregory Jones KC
To the members of the Livery of the City of London 

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I am delighted to be supported by my colleagues of the Court of Aldermen as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of the City of London for 2024/25. I offer myself to the Livery at Common Hall on Monday, 24 June and would be most grateful for your support. 

Born in Kent, I passed the 11+ and went to Colfe’s School in Lewisham as an Exhibitor – a school linked with the Leathersellers’ Company. The first person in my family to go to university, I studied law at New College, Oxford (MA) where I was President of the Oxford Law Society and Treasurer of the Oxford Union. After working as a stagiaire at the European Commission in Brussels, I was called to bar by Lincoln’s Inn. I took an LLM at UCL and spent a period in Luxembourg with the European Court of Justice. 

I practice law at Francis Taylor Building, Temple specialising in infrastructure, planning, environmental, climate change and EU related law. I also practice from the Bar Library in Belfast and the Law Library in Dublin. I was appointed by the Irish government to chair a review of An Bord Pleanála in 2015/2016. I am a Bencher of both Lincoln’s Inn and the Inner Temple, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Manchester and an associate member of KBW Chambers in Leeds. I have also authored several leading legal texts. 

As Sheriff, I would support the Lord Mayor in his goals in collaboration with my fellow Sheriff. More specifically, I plan to promote the rule of law. The Old Bailey is a great platform for me to champion the symbiotic relationship between the law and the City. Planned events include a series of high-quality lectures and receptions. I intend to engage the livery in the delivery of these events, not least, in the promotion of English wine! 

A Liveryman of the Leathersellers’ Company where I have served as Third Warden, I am also a Liveryman of the Butchers’ and Arbitrators’ companies. I am also a Freeman of the Stationers’ and Founders’ Companies. I am joint patron of the Farringdon Ward Club and a member of the City Livery Club. Elected a Common Councilman for Farringdon Without in 2012, I became Alderman for the Ward in 2017. I chair both the Magistracy & Livery and the Emanuel Hospital Sub-Committees. I am Deputy Chair of the Hampstead Heath, Highgate Woods & Queen’s Park Committee. I am a Board Member of the Museum of London and Trustee of the Hon the Irish Society. 

My wife Rosali is a Freeman of the Drapers’ Company. A solicitor and a senior partner in Simmons & Simmons specialising in financial markets, she is also a qualified music teacher, school governor and Fordwich Town Councillor. I am grateful for her support and that of my children. 

I have the honour to be, my Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, your obedient servant. 

Alderman Gregory Jones KC 

Candidature of David Chalk
To the Liverymen of The City of London 

Encouraged by friends across the Livery and with the support of the Master, Wardens and the Court of Assistants of The Worshipful Company of Drapers, I offer myself as a candidate for the High Office of Sheriff of The City of London at Common Hall on the 24th of June. 

I have had a long-standing and active interest in the Civic City and a hope that I could do more. Following a number of more recent conversations, I felt eligible to put my name forward to be Sheriff. 

Born at the London Hospital, where both my parents were medics, I spent my early years in London and was educated at Chigwell School, Radley College and Edinburgh University. 

I spent 20 years working in the City in research and strategy at the Henley Centre for Forecasting, marketing group WPP and the Future Foundation, a Smithfield based think-tank. My career in marketing continued at Age Concern Enterprises developing financial services for older people. I then founded a regional care-in-the-home business aiming to keep older people at home for as long as possible. My time both running a business and as a director of national and regional care professional bodies has been educative, particularly during covid and now with the continuing challenges for national social care. 

The Livery has always been part of my life. I joined the Drapers’ Company in 1982, becoming a Liveryman in 1986, elected to the Court in 2008 and Master in 2021-22. I have been a governor of two of the company’s schools and chaired our Educational Fund in North Wales. I now chair our Charities Committee and am a keen supporter of the pan-livery initiatives, particularly visiting and promoting the Livery Food Initiative and No Going Back. 

I belong to Broad Street Ward Club, the City Livery Club and the Platinums, my past-masters year group. Being a member of the Livery Committee gives me a wider perspective on the Livery movement; I see the Livery as an enduring force for good and want to promote its philanthropy and fellowship as well as our governance responsibilities in the City. 

If elected, part of the role involves widening engagement and understanding of how the Old Bailey works and the role of the Judges; something I look forward to. 

I would also use the opportunity as Sheriff to address some of the funding issues around older people’s care, bringing financial services, policymakers, and care professionals together – to try to move this nationally important issue forward. 

If you elect me, my wife Miranda and I will support the Lord Mayor and promote the Livery with enthusiasm. I therefore invite you to use one of your votes at Common Hall on the 24th of June for Alderman Gregory Jones KC, the Aldermanic Shrieval candidate and your other vote for me. 

I have the honour to be, my Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, your obedient servant. 

David Chalk
Citizen and Draper 

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