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Build a career without limits

Young people are increasingly seeking out careers where they can make a real difference to the world around them, with work that is fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding.

Despite this, the building materials sector is one that many young people are unlikely to consider, either because it’s a sector of the construction industry that they’ve never heard of, or because they mistakenly believe it only offers physical careers working on construction sites. But our industry is not all hard hats and high-vis jackets!

There are a vast range of diverse job types within the building materials sector, from HR, sales and marketing to finance and management – roles for every type of person, and any kind of skill set.
Naylor Industries, a manufacturer of pipes and concrete products, explains how the building materials sector can offer young people a lifelong, worthwhile and enjoyable career.

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Apprenticeships: Earn while you learn!

Check out our video interview with Hannah Taylor, who joined the building materials sector as an Apprentice Marketing Assistant with leading trade association the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF). Find out how she’s settled in and why she enjoyed the role so much. Hannah has since completed her apprenticeship programme with the BMF and offered a permanent position. She is now Acting Marketing Manager.! You can also read about Hannah’s experience here

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Whether you’re keen to jump straight in or earn while you learn through an apprenticeship, the construction industry offers a range of opportunities for you to learn, build experience and strengthen your skill set. It is a well-paid sector and the skills you’ll pick up along the way are great for your career progression and CV!

Watch our video to learn more about how you can benefit from working with a supplier or manufacturer of building materials.

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Whatever goals you set yourself, the construction sector offers you so much choice and potential for a lifelong career:

• The average income in construction (management) is £29,521

• 2.9 million people work in construction – that’s nearly 1 in 10 of all jobs in the UK

• Building materials suppliers supply up to 85% of the built environment. That is materials to build the homes you live in, the schools, hospitals, universities, offices, shops, restaurants, roads, railways, airports and more…!

• And it’s not just for boys! 89% of women working in construction agree there is a wide range of interesting roles

77% of women in the sector feel proud to work in construction

Whether you’re keen to jump straight in or earn while you learn through an apprenticeship, there’s a massive range of exciting and rewarding jobs waiting for you working with a supplier or manufacturer of building materials. The skills you’ll pick up along the way will be great for your career development and CV, and dedicated qualifications ensure you keep learning and developing.

If you’re excited by the potential of working in our industry, check out the details of our bursary programme and see if you are eligible for funding support.

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