All Liverymen in the City once they have been Liverymen for a year are entitled to vote in the elections of the Lord Mayor and of the Sheriffs.

In the case of the Lord Mayor, the result is generally a foregone conclusion, but there are occasionally contested elections for the Sheriffs.

Senior Warden

The person who is next due to be Master, and who is generally a member of at least two Committees within the Company. The Senior Warden has specific roles within Court meetings.

The Master

The Master holds office for one year, and is installed at the Installation Court in October. The Master is, in a sense, the Chair of the Company, responsible with the Court for its governance during that year. The Master participates in the ceremonial side of the City, and is the Company’s representative in the City during that year. 

Junior Warden

The person who is next due to be Master, and who is generally a member of at least two Committees within the Company. The Senior Warden has specific roles within Court meetings.

Keeper of the Roll

Current Keeper of the Roll: Kevin Fenlon

The Keeper of the Roll is fourth in line to be Master and is a member of a number of Committees within the Company. They also have specific roles during Court meetings.

Immediate Past Master

Current Immediate Past Master: Richard Hill

Each year’s Master becomes Immediate Past Master for the following year, and supports the current Master and Court. The Immediate Past Master also acts as Deputy should the Master be absent for any reason.

Bursar and Assistant Clerk

Current Bursar & Assistant Clerk: Julie Langford

The Bursar (Finance Officer), with assistance from the Clerk and according to the instructions of the Court, prepares the Company’s annual budget, manages the collection of Quarterage (membership subscription), prepares VAT returns, and prepares the annual accounts for the auditor. The Bursar also carries the title of Assistant Clerk.


Current Almoner: John Poore BEM

The Almoner is a member of the Court – usually a Past Master – who is responsible, along with other members of the Charities Committee (which includes the Trustees of the Company’s Charitable Fund) for determining which causes to support with charitable grants. The Trustees are responsible for the Charitable Fund’s financial health and ensure that any grants further the objects of the Charitable Fund. The Almoner also deals with much of the administration of both outward and inward donations (ie, dealing with requests for donations and managing the contributions from members, including dealing with Gift Aid).

Learned Clerk

Current Clerk: Jane, Lady Hilliard

The Clerk, essentially the CEO of the Company, is responsible for the day-to-day administration, organising the Master’s programme and all the official events of the Livery Company. They attend and prepare papers for the Court and Committees, manage the membership, and oversee the interface between the Company and the City.

The Secretary

Current Secretary: Denise Llewellyn

The Secretary assists the Learned Clerk in the day-to-day administration of the Company.

The Beadle

Current Beadle: James Hasler

The Beadle undertakes ceremonial duties at Company events.

The Court of Assistants

A team of Assistants supports the Court in the day-to-day running of the Company, as well as being involved in the Committees that oversee its future growth and development. They are:

Court Assistants

SD Durdant-Hollamby

J Milligan

Fixed Term Assistants

FM Russell-Horne


SJ Lawson

Honorary Liverymen

Alderman Dr Sir Andrew Parmley

General the Lord Dannatt GCB CBE MC DL

The Reverend Canon Roger Hall, MBE

Honorary Chaplain

The Reverend Canon Roger Hall, MBE


The Master


HR Grant

AB Williamson

Committee Chairs

Charities Committee – JC Poore, BEM

Education & Training Committee – LM Di Stazio

Development Committee – GJ Hopkins

Election Committee – AB Williamson

Events & Marketing Committee – SM Boyer

Finance Committee – JE Langford

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Committee – S Dunkley

External Liaisons

3PWRR – GA Day

HMS Forth – SJ Turner & RW Hill

Beckenham & Penge Sea Cadet Unit – FM Russell Horne

The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – GJ Hopkins, MJP Tattam

List of Past Masters (ordered by most recent)

Richard Hill (2022-23)

AB Williamson (2021-22)

SW Pierce (2020 – 21)

Dame Fiona Woolf, DBE, DL (2019–20)

Ms PAJ. Latham, MA, MBA, ACIS, FCMA (2018–19)

BM Blanchard (2017–18)

SJ Turner, BA (2016–17)

LJ Martin, FCA, BBS, MA (2015–16)

Mrs GE Moore (2014–15)

JC Poore BEM (2013–14)

GA Day (2012–13)

AG Ballinger, BSc (2011–12)

GJ Hopkins (2010–11)

KB Pepperrell (2009–10)

RJ Taylor (2008–09)

JA Adams, MA, MSc (2006 – 07)

FH Robertson* (2005-06)

MS Earle, FCA (2004–05)

SJ Somerville* (2003–04)

CG Bence* (2001–02)

CGA Latham, MA, FCA* (1999–2000)

AB Castledine, ACMA* (1994–95)

M Pares, BSc, CA* (1983–84)

DCR Hesketh* (1982-83)

D Gandy* (1978-79)

* Honorary Court Assistants