The Worshipful Company of Builders’ Merchants is one of the City of London’s modern Livery Companies. Founded in 1961, the Company is number 88 out of a list of Livery Companies in order of precedence that currently stands at 111 Companies.


The idea of forming a Builders’ Merchant Company was first discussed in 1958 by the Executive Committee of the Building Industry Distributors. The Association’s Solicitor, RL Crowther, felt that a City Livery Company would have the weight to provide high-level support to the industry as it moved into the future.


The inaugural meeting of the Company (being an association of its members and unincorporated) was held on 29 March 1961. It was attended by 40 senior members of the industry under the chairmanship of Charles F Golton, who was elected as the Company’s first Master.

By 20 October 1961 the Company had 60 members in place. It was granted recognition as a City Company without a grant of Livery on 12 September, 1972. On 19 July 1977, the Company’s petition for a grant of Livery was approved and the Company achieved full Livery status.


In 2012 the Company was honoured to receive a Royal Charter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which was presented by the Duke of Gloucester at Skinners’ Hall on 12 September of that year. The Charter established the Company as a “legal person” separate from its members and enhanced the Company’s prestige within the Livery movement.


The first lady to be admitted to the Company became a Freemen on 19 April 1982 and took the Livery later that year. The first lady Master, Gill Moore, was installed on 24 October 2014 at Mansion House.